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Frequent Asked Questions

What is not allowed on CryptoWorld? What can get me banned?

Please note that we cannot allow the use of a VPN, VPS, proxy, ad blocker, or Tor. Even if you are using one of these services legitimately, sorry but we do this to prevent fraud. Also, we cannot allow the use of more than one account. Please note that we can also only accept one account per household.

When will I get paid? When do you pay out?

We pay in bulk to you every day. Sorry we can’t pay instantly on request in any circumstances as it would leave us open to fraud. No exceptions, we pay daily. Info on Faucet payouts here.

What is the minimum amount to cash out?

The minimum amount to withdraw your earnings (non faucet) is 3$ in any currency

My cashout confirmation email is not arriving, what do I do?

If you are using a Yahoo or a Hotmail email address, it is possible that you may not receive your confirmation email. First, make sure that you are checking the right email. Cashout confirmation messages are sent to your email you had when you registered on Cryptoworld. Second, please try to resend your cashout confirmation email. Finally, If that doesn’t work for you, contact us


Guaranteed Withdraw.

Cryptoworld guarantee your payout on the reviewed networks and partners (this not include ads and monitoring networks).

To ensure this we have build up a cold wallet. Monthly we adjust the amount of earnings equal with the site income and return 100% affiliate to the affiliated members. The sponsorships is used to insure the guaranteed networks on withdraw.

Faucets and Games is guaranteed up to 100k satoshi, other categories up to 0.03 BTC.

On networks that are removed we ask to withdraw as soon as possible, we still guarantee the next 30 days after removal date. If you have pending or not paid withdrawals please take screenshots and contact us asap. Network sites that go offline usual have payout issues long before take down date. Please make sure to collect evidence if this happen to you.

*Hot wallet on site: used for faucet – games – rewards and bonuses payout to users balance. This wallet is not connected to avoid hacking. when a users withdraw, the payout is done in a safe enviroment outside this website.
**Cold wallet: is where we safe the sponsorships, income and deposits, offline.


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